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New Hampshire Unbundled Services

Unbundled Legal Services

Beaulac Law provides limited representation or unbundled legal services as well as full representation. Unbundled legal services is attorney representation for "a part or parts" of a case and not the full case. Some legal cases only require limited representation legal services. Hiring Attorney Beaulac for a limited representation can be cost effective for you. It depends on the complexity of the case and the amount of time, effort, and work you want to dedicate to your case.

Attorney Beaulac's limited representation services

New Hampshire Attorney Advice

General legal advice concerning New Hampshire legal matters delivered in person, over the phone, or electronic. Advice about the law, proper pleadings, civil procedure, and court rules. If you want to proceed pro se, seeking legal advice will help you through the legal process for a successful result.

Preparation of Pro Se Client for Court hearings

Attorney assistance for the preparation of court hearings or mediation- drafting documents, conducting legal research, reviewing documents, and legal advice on procedures. There are many court rules and procedures that must be followed for a successful outcome. Attorney Beaulac will prepare the pro se client so the client will know what to do and expect at court.

Attorney Appearance for Court Hearings

Appearing in a New Hampshire court for a single hearing- motion, temporary, or final hearing. Beaulac Law can be hired to appear at court hearings in your case. At hearing Attorney Beaulac will argue your case to the court for you.

Document preparation and review

Drafting of various legal documents and forms- letters, divorce petitions, complaints, and answers. Well drafted litigation documents can help avoid dismissal or necessary amendments to court pleadings and motions. In addition, Beaulac Law can review your drafted documents, contracts, agreements, leases, and releases. A well drafted document will save you time and money and help avoid litigation in the future.

Attorney Beaulac's Commitment

All limited representation or unbundled legal services provided by Attorney Beaulac will be the same quality and zealousness as full service representation. Moreover, in the event a limited representative client is faced with a difficult or challenging issue during their case, Beaulac Law's service rates will be highly-discounted for on-going support. Attorney Beaulac wants all of her clients to be successful.

Attorney Beaulac serves the following communities

  • Cheshire County: Keene, Swanzey, Jaffrey, Rindge, Chesterfield, Walpole, Winchester, Hinsdale, Stoddard, Harrisville, Malborough, Sullivan, Marlow, Westmoreland, Surry, Nelson, Dublin, and surrounding towns.
  • Sullivan County: Claremont, Newport, Charlestown, Sunapee, Cornish, Plainfield, Acworth, and surrounding towns.
  • Hillsborough County: Manchester, Nashua, Bedford, Merrimack, Goffstown, Hudson, and surrounding towns.
  • Merrimack County: Concord, Hooksett, Bow, Loudon, Franklin, Boscawen, Pembroke, and surrounding towns.

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