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New Hampshire Equine Law

Equine Law

Horse ownership requires a lot of hard work, time, money, and devotion. Horse owners, horse property owners, equine trainers, and horse riders interrelate to create relationships. Attorney Beaulac can help you protect your interests and investments in these relationships. Legal advice is invaluable in equine matters from the purchase of a horse to the boarding, leasing, and breeding of horses. Allow Beaulac Law to help protect your equine investment.

Attorney Beaulac can help you with...

Equine Related Document Drafting

Clearly worded and properly executed sales agreements, boarding contracts, property leasing, horse leases, breeding contracts, liability releases, and training agreements. Well drafted agreements and documents can protect your equine investment and prevent disputes requiring litigation from occurring.

Equine Matters Dispute Resolution

Effective and expeditious resolution of disputes occurring regarding the sale, boarding, leasing, liability and damage of equine species. Attorney Beaulac will work to minimize the severity and duration of equine disputes through negotiation and knowledge of the law for quick resolution.

New Hampshire Civil Litigation

Should efforts to resolve disputes fail, Attorney Beaulac can help you by bringing or defending a civil lawsuit in the proper New Hampshire Court. Litigation involves initial pleadings, motion practice, discovery, and final settlement or trial. Litigation should be the last option to protect your equine investment.

Attorney Beaulac serves the following communities

  • Cheshire County: Keene, Swanzey, Jaffrey, Rindge, Chesterfield, Walpole, Winchester, Hinsdale, Stoddard, Harrisville, Malborough, Sullivan, Marlow, Westmoreland, Surry, Nelson, Dublin, and surrounding towns.
  • Sullivan County: Claremont, Newport, Charlestown, Sunapee, Cornish, Plainfield, Acworth, and surrounding towns.
  • Hillsborough County: Manchester, Nashua, Bedford, Merrimack, Goffstown, Hudson, and surrounding towns.
  • Merrimack County: Concord, Hooksett, Bow, Loudon, Franklin, Boscawen, Pembroke, and surrounding towns.

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